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Forget scrolling through podcast apps or time-consuming research by instantly building a custom pitch list of the most accurate contact information from the top 250 podcasts in any category from the past 90 days.

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Get the exact pitch that led to tens of thousands of dollars in revenue after one podcast appearance.

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    Save Hours in Research Work

    Search thousands of podcasts

    Narrow to your niche

    Get detailed contact information

    Export with one click


    Guarantee High-Quality Podcasts 

    Only includes top podcasts

    Updated manually each week

    No inactive podcasts


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    Make Podcast Pitching Easier


    Proven podcast pitch templates


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    I have already appeared on one podcast and booked three more. This has the highest rate of any list or service I’ve ever used. It is the best resource for podcasts or media lists of any kind that I’ve found.

    Colin O'Donohoe

    It’s a wonderful tool! I pitch to podcasts regularly and this saves me SO much time sifting through shows and finding contact information.

    Jennifer Nagel
    Health Transformation Expert

    We have seen an increase in our social media traffic. Seems this is our “niche” for gaining traffic. We can focus some efforts on some more podcasts like this.

    Kelly Dobert
    Social Media Manager at GovSpend

    We received more attention in the past three months than over the past 23 years!

    Lou Chiera
    Non-Profit Founder and Thought Leader

    The subcategories are very handy and gives me a great point for deeper podcast research. Features that are very useful are the download options and contact details.

    Rachel Clancy
    Klonfort Podcast Agency

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    Podcast Clout gives you access to our comprehensive database of thousands of quality podcasts, podcast hosts, contact information, and more.

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    From our Founder

    Christina Nicholson

    Christina Nicholson

    I’m the owner of Media Maven, a public relations agency. I’m also a podcast host and someone who has profited from being a guest on many podcasts over the years. I know first hand that exposure on popular podcasts can lead to quick ROI, but finding those quality shows, information about the host, and the best way to pitch to become a guest is very time-consuming. There is no easy way to build a media list to start pitching… and that’s why I started Podcast Clout: to give you, or your client, the opportunity to skyrocket your brand using the fastest growing and most influential form of media today. Podcasts.

    To make sure that you get the best use of this tool, watch the video tutorial before starting your free trial.

    Catch you in my earbuds!

    Christina Nicholson

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    With access to the top podcasts in 100+ categories, finding the right podcast host to connect with to be a guest on his or her show takes no time.

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