Frequently Asked Questions

How does Podcast Clout work?

Finding podcasts to be a guest has never been easier. Using the search bar, you can browse podcasts by its Apple podcast category, show topic, name of the podcast host, podcast country of origin, and more.

With this database, you will have all the information you need to pitch yourself and land coverage as a podcast guest – right down to if the podcast host prefers to be pitched via email or an application on their website.

You can gather information one podcast at a time or export lists of this information based on how you search – by podcast category, show topic, etc.

Click here to see a demonstration.

How is Podcast Clout different from other media databases that you can find in Cision, Meltwater, or Muckrack?

The other outlets focus on a variety of traditional media… and many other things, like building coverage reports and press release distribution (do people even read press releases anymore?!).

Podcast Clout does one thing really well – podcasts.  

It was created by Christina Nicholson, a PR agency owner, a podcast host, and someone who has profited from being a guest on many podcasts over the years and knows first hand that exposure on the podcasts leads to the quickest ROI compared to any other form of media.

Podcast Clout combines technology and in-house experience and expertise to automate podcast searching and update new information and add new podcasts three times a week.

As a privately-owned company, Podcast Clout does not answer to investors and spends 100% time and effort on one focus and one focus only – podcasts.

Why should I include podcasts in my media outreach?

Podcast listeners are more likely to invest in themselves and in their business. Podcasts are used as a tool to both entertain and educate, not just pass the time. 

Because the average podcast listener is loyal, affluent, and educated, this form of media catches a listener at a heightened state of personal and professional development interest. 

As of 2019, 51% of the world population has listened to at least one podcast. 

22% (62 million people) listen to podcasts weekly – up from 17% in 2018.

Podcast listeners listen to an average of seven different shows per week, up from 5 in 2017.

Will Podcast Clout pitch me as a guest?

No, Podcast Clout is NOT a PR agency or a booking service.

What kind of podcasts are in your database?

Podcast Clout was launched in April 2020 with the top 200 podcasts in all 100+ categories available on Apple Podcasts. Since then, podcasts have been added and updated daily. 

A “New and Noteworthy” podcast pitch list is also created monthly and emailed to all subscribers.

Yes, this includes podcasts worldwide, not just in North America.

Do you include every single podcast?

No. More than half of the podcasts in Apple Podcasts are “inactive” which means they have not published a new episode in at least 90 days. Those are not in our database.

If a podcast becomes active after being inactive or if a podcast that releases episodes in seasons (instead of weekly episodes, for example) begins a new season, it will be added.

How often is Podcast Clout updated?

Because new podcasts are being launched and reactivated daily, Podcast Clout is updated three times a week with new, quality podcasts and updated information.

How can I start getting booked on podcasts?

Podcast Clout helps you build your media list of popular podcasts to pitch. Because being a podcast guest is one of the best ways to build your reputation as a thought leader today, landing a spot on top podcasts is competitive.

Our database shares information about the podcast, the podcast host, country of origin, and the best contact to pitch yourself so you can tailor your pitch to land that coveted spot as a guest.

For more pitching tips, be sure to check out our blog.

How much is a subscription?

6-month subscription = $474
12-month subscription = $799 (save 17%)

If you own a public relations or a marketing agency and need multiple subscriptions for your team, contact us for discounted agency pricing.

(And no, we don’t do what the other companies do where we treat this process like a “used car salesman” charging one agency one thing and another agency of the same size something drastically different. Our prices are our prices.)

To subscribe and get instant access to Podcast Clout, click here.

Can I pay monthly?


Podcast Clout offers six month and annual pricing only because building a brand happens over time, not month to month.

In addition, our database is updated manually three to four times a week. We want to be sure our subscribers are here to use our hard gathered data to pitch podcasts on a regular basis and not just build one giant pitch list.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Once you sign up for a six-month or annual plan you are committed to using Podcast Clout for that time period.

Your plan auto-renews and you have a chance to cancel the subscription if you need to when the plan auto-renews. 

What happens when my subscription ends?

When your subscription comes to an end, you will be automatically renewed into the same plan.

If you do not want to renew your subscription, just send us an email and let us know.

How do I make a request for a feature I’d like to see on Podcast Clout?

Use the form here to send your request straight to the Podcast Clout team. We can’t wait to hear your idea!

How do I get in touch with someone at Podcast Clout?

Use the contact form here and expect a response within one to two business days.

How do I invite the founder of Podcast Clout to be a guest on my podcast?
Use the contact form here and request an interview with Christina Nicholson.