Listen Notes vs Podcast Clout

A lot of people ask me how Listen Notes compares to Podcast Clout.

It’s hard to compare the two because it’s like comparing apples to oranges. 

They are two different platforms, created by two different people with very different backgrounds, and were created for completely different reasons. 

However, because I get this question a lot, I will share how the two are different.

In a nutshell, Podcast Clout is much more niche and was created for ONE reason and for ONE person.

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Listen Notes vs Podcast Clout: Who it’s for 


Listen Notes caters to a lot of people – listeners, businesses, and podcasters. 

Its tagline is “the best podcast search engine” and includes well over one million podcasts – old, current, and new.

Bottom line – it serves many people in a variety of ways.

Podcast Clout is much more niche.

It was created by a PR professional for PR professionals to save time building podcast pitch lists.

To niche down even further, the only information you will get it information that will help you pitch a podcast to be a guest. 

In addition, Podcast Clout does not use AI to update its database. 

If it did, it would pick up those hundreds of thousands of inactive podcasts. (Yes, there are that many.)

Which leads me to my next point…

How Podcast Clout works


Listen Notes vs Podcast Clout: What’s included


Because Listen Notes serves many people, they include many things. 

To be honest, I don’t quite understand because they are very technical and I’m not techy, but some things you can do include:

  • creating a podcast playlist and clips 
  • building podcast apps
  • integrating API to bring a podcast to more places
  • search and export

Podcast Clout does ONE thing – give you all the information you need to pitch to be a guest on a podcast based on three ways of searching – by category, keywords, or category AND keyword together for more niched results.

This includes:

  • The podcast category
  • The podcast name
  • About the podcast
  • The podcast host name
  • About the podcast host
  • The podcast’s website
  • The podcaster’s email address
  • How to best pitch the podcast
  • The location of the podcast

Listen Notes vs Podcast Clout

Also, Listen Notes includes all million+ podcasts and around 85 million episodes (at the time this blog post was written).

Podcast Clout only includes the top 250 podcasts in each of Apple’s 100+ categories. 

These podcasts are also updated manually three times a week.

This is to ensure you do not build a list with outdated podcasts that are no longer releasing new episodes or podcasts that aren’t downloaded on a regular basis.

Again, Podcast Clout was created by a publicist for other publicists, and there is nothing we dislike more than hearing from an upset client because they just “wasted” 30 minutes of their time doing an interview no one will listen to.


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Listen Notes vs Podcast Clout: Pricing

Listen Notes has a free version that includes up to 2,500 searches a month. 

These results include some things, but do NOT include contact information or customer support.

If you want that, you will need to pay for a pro version that is $100 a month.

Podcast Clout has a free trial so users can get a feel for how it works. 

There is a 6-month plan for $474, an average of $79 per month or a 12-month plan for $799, an average of $66 per month.

With both of these plans, you get access to everything Podcast Clout offers.

(Stay tuned for monthly packages and prices!)

How Podcast Clout works


Listen Notes vs Podcast Clout: Summary

Listen Notes is great for you… depending on what you’re using it for.

It serves many people in different ways.

Podcast Clout is much more niche, so if you’re looking to save time building a custom podcast pitch list with the top podcasts in the world, Podcast Clout was made for you.