The Most Overlooked Marketing Strategy on a Budget

As entrepreneurs, we are often marketing on a tight budget and looking for ways to get the most from our marketing strategy. 

In doing so, we can be bombarded with advice from webinars and eCourses on how to grow your business.

That information may be helpful, but it can also leave us stuck in “analysis paralysis”. 

You can find yourself scattering your energy and your financial resources in every direction hoping something might stick and generate more profit.


“Guess” advertising is not a good marketing strategy.

I’m here to tell you there is another way that can get you publicity… and best of all, it’s free!

In fact, I built a million dollar business on the foundation that you can get free media attention by helping client after client do just that.

And now I want to help you by sharing the most overlooked way to get publicity on a budget.

It’s guest podcasting. 

Guest Podcasting as a Marketing Strategy

Guest podcasting is the most overlooked way to get free publicity – hands down.

While other entrepreneurs are investing in Facebook ads and paid Instagram promotions, my clients are successfully growing their businesses and brands using my free media strategies which include getting on podcasts as a guest in places where their target demographics are already hanging out with hosts they already know, like, and trust.

Instead of guessing where their audience is and hoping to find them with their paid promotions, they are getting more specific about how to spend their time so they get the most out of their online marketing.

Here are seven reasons being a guest on a podcast can help you not only with publicity, but also help you grow your business and brand at the same time:

1. You can figure out where your audience is hanging out by listening to podcasts in your niche and using tools like Podcast Clout.

Being specific about which podcasts you pitch to be a guest on allows you to connect to the audience who is most likely to subscribe to you and buy from you. If you like what the podcast stands for and their messaging, odds are your target market will too.

Getting air time in your specific niche where your tribe is spending time, is a very effective marketing strategy.

2. You have real conversations as a guest on a podcast so people can get to know you.

Website copy can be limiting. It’s hard to sum up who you are and why you are passionate about what you do in the copy on your website.

But in a real conversation, this happens naturally and you have more time to share your message. They get to hear your “why”.

And your why is often the thing that people connect to and that makes them want to look you up or opt into your email list.

How Podcast Clout works

3. The podcast host will share your website, social media handles, and any freebie opt ins you have for the listeners.

Part of your marketing strategy should be to have a good opt in already in place before the podcast airs so that you can stay connected to the audience who is ready to head over to your freebie and sign right up.

Free publicity that gets people who feel connected to you, and inspired by you, right to your email list – what more could you ask for?

(This is a good spot to share an opt-in, right? If you want to be on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income, you should click here.)

4. Podcasts are evergreen.

People continue to find the podcast long after it first airs.

You can also add the podcasts where you’ve been a guest strategically to your website, giving you credibility and more website content.

5. You begin to establish yourself as an expert in your niche because you are consistently talking about your message to different hosts.

Consistency really helps with brand authority. When people hear your message repeated, in different ways with different hosts, you begin to establish yourself as an authority in that niche.

You become the person in your category that your target market wants to follow and buy from.

6. You get a better understanding of who you are and what market you are serving.

Creating a rock-star email pitch to get on podcasts forces you to take a hard look at your website and content.

When you craft your best email pitch for podcasts looking for guests, it really forces you to summarize who you are and how you can help someone else’s audience.

In essence, if you do this well, you will be better able to communicate your brand and your services while landing FREE publicity. 

This is a good exercise to engage in – even if you never submit a pitch!

7. Best of all, you make yourself easier to discover.

When you’re growing your business, you are often a hidden gem!

Everyone will tell you to grow your social media platforms, be consistent with it, and keep showing up. 

All that is fine and good, but it’s a slow progression to get your name out there if your audience is small or made up of mostly your Facebook friends and family members. 

It’s much easier to be a guest on a podcast, have people connect to you from a larger audience than you currently have, and have them want to look you up and follow you.

Social media is important, no doubt, but nothing beats a ton of traffic to help you grow it. 

It’s much more enjoyable when your social media accounts are growing and followers are participating in what you’re sharing!

I attended a conference once where the keynote speaker referenced someone in the audience’s Instagram account saying we should all be following her and to do it right then and there. 

That person gained hundreds of followers that day and you should see what that did to her account! 

Being a guest on a podcast is like that. 

One day you’re sitting there putting out your consistent content to a few – and then bam, next thing you know you’re a rising star.

See the EXACT pitch that landed me a guest spot on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast.

podcast clout demo

Don’t go on a podcast to do a sales pitch.

I can’t stress enough that you are not to go get a guest spot on a podcast to act like a pushy salesperson. 

That’s throwing away your opportunity and will make it hard to get another chance.

People like to get information through listening, but they won’t listen to a one-hour sales pitch.

Instead, your marketing strategy should be figuring out the best podcasts to pitch to be their guest, what to do once people get to your website – not selling your product or service during the podcast when you land that opportunity. 

Overall, being a guest on a podcast allows you to be a real person providing helpful information to your potential subscribers and followers.

Knowing which podcast to be a guest on gives you the best return on your time.

Ready to get started?

Now that you know the most overlooked way to get publicity on a budget (and even if you have a big budget), don’t forget to be specific and discerning about which podcasts you appear on.

Going on any podcast you can land, whether it’s your niche or not, isn’t effective. 

But getting on the right ones where your audience is listening and engaged in the content will increase your traffic and visibility almost instantly.

Podcast Clout is the only tool of its kind that allows you to put criteria to get the names of the top podcasts in specific categories.

In Podcast Clout, you can filter by a subject, like “business: entrepreneurship” or a niche like “food” or “books”. 

You can read about the podcast host, to decide if you’d like to pursue that podcast as an option. 

You can even see the best way to pitch to them, whether it’s email or an online form. 

Best of all, Podcast Clout shows you the top downloaded podcasts in their category. 

Podcast Clout saves you time so you don’t end up pitching to inactive podcasts that are registered with Apple – more than half are inactive! 

Those are fine for evergreen traffic, but if they are no longer actively podcasting, you’re wasting your time pitching to them.

See more about Podcast Clout HERE.