What is Podcast Clout?

Welcome to Podcast Clout – the only podcast specific database that makes it quick and easy for you to find podcasts so people can find you.

This is how it works:


Logging in.

Begin by logging in at the top right of PodcastClout.com.

After you enter the username and password you selected when you purchased your Podcast Clout subscription, you will be brought to the search page.

Using the Search Bar.

You can use the main search bar to find podcast centered around a certain topic, like marketing or parenting as examples.

Now, I can see information for all of the top podcasts with those topics of conversation – including the podcast name, about the podcast, the host’s name, about the host, the podcast website, the host’s email address, the best way to pitch to be a guest on the podcast – whether that be through email or an online form, and where the podcast is based in the world.

You can check these out one by one, or you can select all and expert the entire list to work from.

Filtering Searches.

You can also filter results in another way by using the search bar underneath the “about the podcast” using “women” as an example and “about the podcast host” filter all who are “authors” as another example.

How Podcast Clout works

Searching by Category.

Now, I’m going to show you my favorite way to get information for the most downloaded podcasts listed in Apple podcasts by category.

It’s the first criteria listed on the left. At the bottom of this list, you’ll be able to select a category. As an example, I’ll select “Business” with the sub-category of “entrepreneurship” – a very popular category for podcast pitching. It will auto populate the most downloaded podcasts in that category.

We can get even more specific in this category if we want to. Say, we only want to focus on women, or moms. While this category is still selected, make your way to search bar and type “mom”. That automatically filters the results even further for results that include moms in entrepreneurship.

Thousands of podcasts are included in this database, but not all podcasts are in here.

Inactive Podcasts.

That’s because more than half of podcasts registered with Apple Podcasts are inactive. An inactive podcast means a new episode has not been released in at least 90 days. You won’t find inactive podcasts here.

Instead, you’ll find the top podcasts in every category. Our lists are updated each month because there are new podcasts being added every day.

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Email us.

If you have any questions about using Podcast Clout or have a suggestion to make it better, please send an email to Team@PodcastClout.com.