How to Get Booked on Podcasts as a Guest

Earning exposure in the media is important for any brand.

It builds your authority and credibility instantly.

One of the best places to earn media exposure is on podcasts by getting booked on podcasts as a guest.

Why Getting Booked on Podcasts as a Guest Works

As of August 2020, 32% of Americans listen to podcasts each month.

Almost half of them have an average income of $250,000.

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The bottom line: People who listen to podcasts are more invested in themselves personally and professionally, so they are more likely to act on what they hear.

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If someone is listening to a podcast, it’s safe to assume they know, like, and trust that podcast host.

By the podcast host inviting you to be a guest on their show, a message is sent to their audience that the host knows, likes, and trusts you… hence, you being on the show.

By default, you will have an entirely new audience with respect for you automatically.

During the interview, you get to share not only your experience and expertise, but your personality too because they can hear your voice, your tone, and your delivery – sometimes even see you if the podcaster uses video in addition to audio.

How to Get Booked on Podcasts as a Guest


There are a few steps to getting booked on podcasts as a guest.

You don’t want to waste time pitching podcasts with a bad pitch or podcasts that your ideal customer or client aren’t listening to, so let’s make a plan in a strategic order. 

How Podcast Clout works

Find the right podcast to get booked on as a guest


With more than one million podcasts, it’s hard to find the right one to choose from.

Software like Podcast Clout makes it easy to narrow them down based on category and keyword.

A big mistake people make when they make their podcast pitch list is they base it off the topic you want to discuss.

If you base it on a topic, you will limit yourself and leave much of your audience out.


How to Get Booked on Podcasts as a Guest


Instead, focus on the audience you want to reach.

Ask yourself, what categories do my audience listen to? What keywords describe my audience?

For example, if I searched the topics “PR” or “public relations” or “guest podcasting” only, I will only find a handful of podcasts.

But, if I search for “entrepreneurs” or “marketers”, I will find an entire audience interested in hearing about “PR” or “public relations” or “guest podcasting”.

Then, you will need to start building your podcast pitch list or media list. 

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Podcast Clout automates this for you.

If you’re doing it manually, click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a media list.

Pitch the right podcast to get booked on as a guest

Now that you have a spreadsheet of all the information you need, it’s time to start reaching out to pitch yourself to get booked as a guest.

Click here to see an example of a successful podcast pitch.

If you want to grab a podcast pitch template, click here.

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Those links above will help you craft your first pitch, but in a nutshell, every pitch should include:

  1. A personal introduction that explains why you are pitching that particular podcast or podcaster
  2. The topic idea for a conversation with three to five bullet points on what the listeners will learn or take away
  3. Why you are the best person to come on the podcast as a guest and discuss that topic
  4. Where else you have appeared as a podcast guest or in the media
  5. That you are willing to share the episode with your audience after it goes live
  6. Your contact information

How Podcast Clout works

Saving Time Getting Booked on Podcasts as a Guest Works


Just like anything in marketing, you will see the best results when you’re strategic… and being strategic takes time.

You can do everything mentioned here on your own and manually… or you can automate and hire help for some of it.

Here are some of my favorite people, tools, and courses:

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